Learning Designed For The 21st Century

 Find a calling. Change the world.

Do you believe creativity, confidence, and grit are more important in the 21st century than memorization and test taking skills?

Would you like for your child to develop a love of learning and find a true calling?

Do you believe that character still matters?

Do you want your child to feel like life is an endless stream of opportunities?


Our Mission

To help each child find a calling by developing the skills, confidence, creativity, and determination to go out and create opportunities that will change the world.

Our Key Elements

Our method includes the following key elements:

• A Learner-Driven Community: Serious commitments; genuine relationships; authentic accountability; mixed age groupings.

• Hero's Journey: find a calling, change the world.

• Socratic Method: Critical thinking skills and forging character.

 Real World Quests and Apprenticeships: Hands-on learning for the 21st century.

• Health Focus: Ample engagement with the outdoors, movement, and opportunities for mindfulness.

Our Promises To Your Child

Your child will:

• Begin a Hero’s Journey

• Learn to be a curious, independent, lifelong learner

• Discover his or her most precious gifts, along with the dedication it takes to develop real talent

• Value a healthy lifestyle of mind and body

• Cherish the arts, the wonders of the physical world and the mystery of life

• Treasure economic, political and religious freedom

• Understand the importance of strong character