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Guide and Apprentice Guide (Intern) positions available for Fall 2019

We are growing! Acton Academy Nashville is searching for a Guide and Apprentice Guide for the 2019-2020 academic year when we will open our second elementary studio.

Guide Position

Do you want to change the world?

If your goal is to instill your love of learning in others while advancing in your own professional growth, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the world’s most innovative schools.

Acton Academy Nashville is a one-room schoolhouse for the 21st century with innovative elements such as quest-like projects with real world application, Socratic discussions, apprenticeships, and the Hero’s Journey in a learner-driven, multi-age Studio.

We will be opening our second elementary studio this fall and are looking for a Socratic Elementary Guide. Our model is a homeschool hybrid model so school will take place three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and the children will homeschool on Monday and Friday. The guide will work in the studio Tuesday through Thursday with additional weekly hours outside of the school day for planning, documenting, communicating with parents, and administrative tasks.

Guides are expected to lead Socratic discussions each morning, inspire our heroes to explore, be curious, and take ownership of their learning, monitor student progress on our self-paced curriculum, and create life-oriented projects that nurture student curiosity and culminate in public exhibitions for the community. The guide’s main role will be to move learners on a journey to understand and develop their most precious gifts, help them discover their deepest passions, and how to use them to serve others in a meaningful way that brings them joys. The Guide role is NOT a “teaching” role and all ego is to be removed.

Acton Nashville has a deep focus on growth mindset and mindfulness. The Guide must have a solid understanding of or willingness to align with these elements.

We believe our learners will go on to change the world in a profound way.

Position Description: The Guide will work with the program coordinator and founders to:

  • Affirm students, holding them accountable to their promises and to deliver “the best work they can do” as they discover and pursue a calling on a hero’s journey.

  • Create meaningful exhibitions, ceremonies and celebrations that reinforce the rules of engagement, personal and group covenants to provide and strengthen a safe learning community.

  • Act as a role model as an independent learner on a hero’s journey

  • Launch and lead Socratic discussions

  • Guide quests (projects), including daily challenges and curating world class examples

  • Supply studio environment and set up studio as inspiration for learning

  • Incorporate Montessori/hands-on/self-directed materials and lessons into ‘core skills’ work time. Observe and track each child’s progress.

  • Encourage young heroes to track their progress and create portfolios to show parents, peers and apprenticeship employers what they can do.

  • Uphold promises to students, parents and fellow Guides made in relational covenants.

  • Communicate with parents

  • Pass along each of these responsibilities to the children as quickly as possible, so as to allow them to lead themselves

  • Thoughtfully observe each child as an individual and the group as a whole to help inspire them along their personal and group journey. A willingness to be more of an observer than a doer.

  • Complete an onboarding “training” period directed by our Program Coordinator

  • Believe in growth mindset and incorporate it into all aspects of the program including the Guide’s own personal development


  • Innovative and entrepreneurial spirit required

  • A deep curiosity about life and love of lifelong learning

  • Montessori-training and experience preferred

  • Project-based and/or experiential learning training is helpful

  • Proven excellence in written and oral communication skills

  • A degree in education is not necessary. If you have launched a business or not-for-profit organization or led a major project, these are also suitable qualifications. Traditional teachers have the most difficult time adapting to the Acton model.

  • A master of observation

  • Evident passion for being on a Hero’s Journey

This is a position for an inspired and independent learner who can work within the framework of the Acton model under the guidance of the Program Coordinator and Founders; someone who likes to collaborate, experiment, evaluate and continually improve; someone who has a deep respect for all children believing that each human has genius within; and someone who is a flexible problem-solver. It is essential that this person can learn fast, loves to work hard and is an active reader and writer.

There will be an onboarding “training” period directed by the Program Coordinator. The Guide must be willing to complete these learning exercises and remove all ego that he/she already knows best and be excited to understand the Acton method on a deep, philosophical level.

The position will officially begin August 2019 but it would be preferred if part-time hours were possible beginning immediately. School will begin September 3, 2019 and is an 11 month program. We run on 5-6 week sessions with 1-2 week breaks in between sessions. The Guide will be expected to work three days a week in the studio (Tuesday through Thursday) with additional flexible hours each week for planning and preparation. We are closed for six weeks in the summer (half of July and month of August.) In anticipation of opening our second studio on September 3, 2019, the Guide should be available to learn and prepare throughout the summer.

This position is salaried. Benefits are not offered at this time.

Please thoroughly review our website and the main Acton Academy website before writing your cover letter. If you feel you understand and connect with our vision, please send a resume and cover letter addressing why you would like this opportunity and why you are the right fit.

Apprentice Guide

The apprentice guide will divide his/her time between our two elementary studios (ages 5-8 and 9-11). The apprentice will be an observer and offer assistance directly to the lead guide but will not formally guide the children unless required in special circumstances. 

This is an “in training” internship that allows someone to learn more about the Acton philosophy in preparation for one day serving as a lead guide. 

  • Observe the studio based on observation prompts given by the lead guide and complete training assignments 

  • Assist the lead guide in material making and preparation for Quest

  • Learn all Acton systems as directed by the lead guide 

  • Study Socratic guiding, growth mindset, Quest design and other key features of our program

  • Take observation notes when directed by the lead guide

  • Monitor children on the playground and during times of transition

  • Read books for professional development assigned by lead guide or administration

  • Help maintain the studio space as directed by lead guide

  • Substitute when a lead guide must be absent

  • Montessori training is preferred or someone who is open to taking a Montessori course

The hours will be part-time - Tuesday through Thursday, 8:15am - 3:45pm. This is an hourly, part-time, paid internship. 

Please thoroughly review our website and the main Acton Academy website before writing your cover letter. If you feel you understand and connect with our vision, please send a resume and cover letter addressing why you would like this opportunity and why you are the right fit.

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