Step Two

1. First, devour Acton Academy Nashville's website, our Frequently Asked Questions, founding Acton Academy website, check out Acton Academy co-founder Laura Sandefer's blog for Acton Academy parents, and read Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich (a very quick read and requirement for all families applying to Acton).

2. Second, record a two-minute video giving your top three reasons for wanting to become a Guide and how you plan to ensure a learner-driven environment at Acton Academy Nashville.

Please experiment as needed with you smartphone or computer or other video recording device to make and post a two minute video.

Note: the deadline for your video and research is two weeks from today at 5PM. Submissions will be considered in the order received, so the sooner you complete your research, the better!

After you have completed Step Two, we will spend time reviewing your answers and will be in contact to set up an interview.  Thank you for your time and your interest in Acton Academy Nashville, and we look forward to meeting you!